Chasing pollies around town

On The Spit is feeling buggered this week.The pollies have been in town and we have ben exhausted trying to keep up with their schedule of meetings.

What has had us amazed is the stamina of the Federal Leader of the Opposition, Tony Abbott.

The bagasa takes part in a triathlon involving a 3.8km swim, 180km bike ride and 42km run in just under 14 hours and he still is up the next few days running around doing his version of being John-Howard like.

At a time when many of his fellow competitors were sitting in ice baths, applying the Dencorub and taking three days annual leave to recover, the Seminarian root rat was straight back into political life.

On The Spit is not sure if we should be in awe of his athletic ability or whether we should shake our head at his stupidity.

However it is a clever political strategy to have the athletic Federal Leader of the Opposition coming across as a testosterone filled action man in budgie smugglers tighter than those worn by Right Said Ted.

It positions the Mad Monk as being being a man of action endurance and stamina as distinct from that dithering, podgy Mandarin-speaking book worm that is our current Prime Minister, Kevin.

A man who looks like he would strain his calves if went for a walk let alone take part in a triathlon.

So On The Spit pays tribute to The Voice of the North Shore and hands him the inaugural award for being unstoppable. His prize will be a six pack of Energiser batteries.

We are all Albanian at heart?

Last week members of the Greek Coast Guard when marching for the commemoration of 25th March National Independence Day decided to mouth off racist remarks against Albanians living in Greece and in Albania. Thankfully, the Greek Armed Forces took measures against these bigots.

On the Spit are with our Albanian brothers and sisters for two reasons; Albanians worked much harder than Greeks in Greece over the last 20 years; and Albanian Brandy is superior to Greek.

FYROM’s shenanigans

Speaking of Balkan bull – Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) water polo fans greeted the visiting Greek players in late March with provocative, racist and ultra-nationalistic exhibitions.

As the Greek water polo team entered the pool a massive red and yellow rising sun greeted them as did idiots in tin helmets as chubby imitations to Alex the Great.

Clearly sportsmanship are not something these fans understand – then again it is the Balkans at least they weren’t shooting at each other.

Greece lost to their hosts 7 -6, but given all the fervour of local fan support you’d think that the hosts would have done a little better.