The Foreign Correspondent report on Greece, which was postponed last week to make way for a report on the Thai Royal family, will screen tomorrow night.

The report on Greece was postponed because of the political developments in Thailand had made the story on the Thai Royal Family timely.

“Given the pace of political developments in Bangkok over the weekend and the relevance of the Thai royals to events, we took a decision to run the Thai story immediately,” said the compere of Foreign Correspondent, Mark Corcoran.

Corcoran urged Neos Kosmos readers to watch the segment on Greece because it gives voice to the people on the street in Athens and their reactions to the financial crisis facing Greece.

“We’ve heard a lot about the big picture of the Greek economic crisis: debt levels, economic reform proposals, complex bailout plans brokered by the EU and the IMF,” said Corcoran.

“All this obscures the more immediate issues that continue to bring tens of thousands of Greeks out onto the streets in protest; Greeks are being ordered by their Government and the European Union to fundamentally change their way of life.
“Our report centres on the crisis as seen from the Athens street.

No politicians or economists, but ordinary Greeks, telling their stories and all agreeing that Greece’s fundamental economic problems still remain unresolved – the twin evils of corruption and the black economy.”

Foreign Correspondent screens on Tuesday night at 8pm on ABC 1.