From inception up until the setting up process, how did you start your business?

I was just out of university with qualifications in International business and Export Management.

I also had some work experience in International Logistics having worked as a freight forwarder.

Mum and Dad had the hands-on experience from previous businesses they owned in Europe and Australia and they wanted to try their hand at a new business venture.

This created a synergy that enabled us to start an importing business from the ground up.

And, because my interest is in fashion we focused our business on fashion accessories and handbags that I personally design.

What makes your accessories unique?

The Greek influence helps me design fashion accessories that are a little more daring than most.

I tend to use bolder colours and have more adventurous designs than the more conventional products on the market.

I think the combination of the Greek and Australian culture informs my designs and is giving our Oxygen label a cutting edge.

How is business currently?

Excellent. We often get told our designs are best sellers and sell out within a couple of days of hitting the shelves. Our Oxygen brand is growing stronger by the year. Our label has now developed a following and we are very excited.

What is your vision for the future of your business?

We currently sell to leading department stores and fashion boutiques nationally and internationally in countries such as New Zealand, USA and South Africa.

Our next move is to expand our market share in Australia and in these countries.

Has your Greek Australian background been an influence in your work?

Absolutely! It’s provided a bridge between what happens in Australia in business and the importing we do from countries like China.

The Greek cultural background has provided a foundation of the wheeling and dealing that happens on an international basis.

The Australian culture helps connect us with customers and bureaucracies and infrastructure in Australia.

In addition, the Greek tastes inform my designs and make it really appealing to the Australian market.

I get a lot of feedback from my clients about how much they like the designs. It’s common for my clients to blow their budget.

What are the major trends for accessories this year?

Lots of bling in jewellery such as in chandelier style earrings. Bold bright colours and studs in bags and big floral feminine designs.