Kevin Rudd has to be ranked as the world’s best gymnast, following his back flip last week on the Emission Trading Scheme (ETS).

This week our Mandarin speaking PM scored a perfect 10 for his back flip with triple political tripe.

One of the centrepiece issues of the 2007 election, the ETS has now been deferred to 2013 because as the Clever Kev said:

“The opposition decided to back flip on its own historical commitment to bringing in a carbon pollution reduction scheme and there’s been slow progress in the realisation of global action on climate change,” Mr Rudd told reporters.

“These two factors inevitably mean that the implementation for a carbon pollution reduction scheme in Australia will be delayed.”

So the reason why yesterday’s defining issue has become today’s damp squib is because of the Opposition and those people ‘over there’ taking too much time in dealing with climate change.

So it had nothing to do with Tony Abbott’s constant call of the ETS being a Great (pause) Big (pause) New (pause) Tax.

Did you get the message – Great (pause) Big (pause) New (pause) Tax.

One of the few convincing things Barnaby the bush accountant did convincingly during in his brief tenure as Shadow Finance Minister was to leant how to utter- Great (pause) Big (pause) New (pause) Tax.

After all, the Australian hip pocket nerve has been known to respond very positively to Opposition calls about the Great (pause) Big (pause) New (pause) Tax.

So when Mad Monk Abbott says “The government has dropped … an emissions trading scheme because it is frightened that the public think that this really is just a great big new tax on everything,” and that, “(Mr Rudd) seems to be running away from his emissions trading scheme which previously was the most important policy for Australia at this time, ” you can only wonder whether that is political twaddle for “That’s it, we have lost the election.”

On The Spit is feeling confused because you have the Mad Monk Abbott, who rose to political leadership because of his opposition to the ETS, now having a go at Clever Kevin for abandoning the ETS and Clever Kevin doing what Mad Monk Abbott wants and blaming the Mad Monk for it.

We must be coming up to a Federal election. How else can we explain the double back flips with the triple political tripe?

Crisis. What crisis?

It’s now official. Greece has finally pushed the button and triggered the bail out of the Greek economy.

Suddenly the ‘golden success story’ of the 90s and the 2000s has slipped on the banana peel of its own self-indulgence.

The country might be going down the drain but, hey, in times of crisis once does not look at the idea of the ‘national sacrifice’ or what is in ‘the public good.’

So your country is going up shit creek?

Not a problem, everybody hits the streets and protests.

So your country is drowning in debt?

Not a problem, go crazy on your credit card.

So you are used to going out most nights until three in the morning and smoking, drinking and dancing at the kabaret?

Not a problem, blame the kathestos (the capitalist system).

Ela vre kouvarda mou esei, dos’ta olla. (Hey big spender, go for broke.)

Papandreou and Papaconstantinou hit the button and Greece suddenly finds itself in august company.

Think Hungary, Iceland, Bosnia and Herzegovia, Latvia, Belarus, Pakistan and Serbia.

Today the arse end of Europe; tomorrow a third world country on the verge of bankruptcy.

Kai se anotera.