This week I did something I’ve always wanted to do – I wore a hat.

And it wasn’t because it was ‘crazy hat day’ at work or because I was going to the races; I just wore a hat because I could.

It was one of only several hats that I own, a grey, black and taupe number purchased several years ago to hide the effects of an unfortunate incident involving a pair of vintage heels, several shots of chartreuse, the pavement and my face.

The hat was meant to conceal my disfigured visage from the unsuspecting public, but I didn’t end up wearing it, choosing instead to hide away in my house.

The hat has only been worn once before, and that was to a crazy hat party.

And trust me, compared to some of the other hats at the party, this hat was totally tame and boring.

There used to be a time when everyone wore hats. Gentlemen wouldn’t leave the house without one and there was all sorts of etiquette attached to the wearing of hats – tipping them at ladies, removing them when indoors.

It’s quite lovely and romantic really.

But I digress.

On Wednesday I left the house wearing my long-neglected hat and it was wonderful.

So wonderful, that I came to a number of realisations…

– Hats can hide bad hair days. Unfortunately they can also create bad hair days, hence the dreaded ‘hat hair’ that people refer to.

– Hats keep your head warm. Ok, a pretty obvious realisation, but for those with giant hair like me, a hat is not only more practical but far more flattering than a beanie, which can often make you look like you’re wearing a condom on your head. I know that is not a good look.

– Hats make you look smarter. Well, maybe it was just because I was wearing glasses at the time, but I honestly believe I looked more intelligent and cultured in mine.

– Hats are clever. Here is yet another wonderful accessory that can turn a boring outfit into something new and fabulous.
So I think it’s time more people started wearing hats. Let’s embrace them and make this year the Year of the Hat.