ABC Radio National’s ‘Music Deli’ has an extraordinary event for lovers of Greek Music on Saturday September 4 at the Melbourne Recital Centre.

Rebetiki and the Xylouris ensemble have a long and intertwining history.

Rebetiki and the Xylouris Ensemble, headed by the legendary patriarch of Greek music George Xylouris, will be co-headliners in the Elisabeth Murdoch Hall from 5:30pm.

They will be preceded by The HaBiBis with Sotis Traianopoulos and Wayne Simmons, Fotis Vergopoulos and George Butrumlis at 4pm in the more intimate Salon, and performances in the Foyer by the Pallaconian Dance Group.

Rebetiki and the Xylouris ensemble have a long and intertwining history.

They have performed together numerous times in the Greek context as well as part of folk and music festivals across Australia.

George’s Xylouris’ father, Psarantonis, is a particular favourite of Nick Cave and George is a wonderful lute player.

So is his 17 year-old son Niko who is a third generation musician.

Although the young Niko resides in Crete with his immediate family he is currently living in Melbourne and attending secondary school in the Melbourne suburb of Flemington.

His famous father will be landing in Melbourne on the August 31 to join his family and complete the final piece of this unique cross generational gathering.

Niko says he has really enjoyed his stay in Melbourne and with little or no prompting
While Niko Xylouris’ pedigree goes back generations, he is not entirely sure whether he will follow in his family’s footsteps and become a musician; football is an option on his mind right now, but he knows music will always be in his life.