It’s been a bad year for Wayne Rooney. Heck, its been a bad year for English football. So I guess we can’t blame Wayne for throwing one more giant log on the raging inferno, standing back and doing his best rendition of Billy Joel’s ‘We didn’t start the fire’. Unfortunately for Wayne, this fire has no end in sight.

Across the globe, the fans and media have been divided about the motivations behind Wayne Rooney’s decision to throw in the towel at Manchester United. The United fans believe it is a decision driven by money and greed whereas others agree with Wayne’s publicist in that there is a lack of ambition at United which will not result in trophies.

But whichever way you cut it, there is only one true driving force behind Rooney’s decision – Wayne Rooney’s ego. The argument that United lack ambition or are unable to compete for honours is just utter garbage. Whatever your thoughts are on the Glazers and United’s financial muscle, you cannot ignore that United have won 3 out of the 4 last EPL titles. 11 of the last 19. Oh and thrown in a few Champions League titles. They have a manager whose won 27 trophies and only stays in the job so he can win more.

So really, who has more ambition than United? Manchester City? The club who hasn’t won a trophy in living memory and finished 7th in the league last year despite their cavalcade of overpaid superstars. Real Madrid? Well certainly their ambition cannot be doubted. If only that pesky mob over in Barcelona would just stop winning everything.

Nevertheless, Wayne believes he can win more trophies elsewhere. In that statement alone we can see the giant ego bursting at its seams. He doesn’t care about building a legacy or being revered for eternity by the United fans like they will remember Charlton, Best or Cantona. Nope, Wayne just wants Wayne to win more trophies.

Then comes the money. Wayne wouldn’t want to win trophies unless he was adequately compensated. It’s not like he’s offering to take a cut-price wage so he can play third fiddle to Messi and Villa at Barcelona or Ronaldo and Kaka at Madrid, just in the interest of winning trophies.

And let’s be honest, who can blame him for wanting Bill Gates money when Yaya Toure is down the road on Steve Jobs wages. Not to mention the fact his sponsorships have disappeared since he chose prostitutes over his wife. His family needs money, he needs money.

So let’s call a spade a spade Wayne and just come clean and own your decision. Until you do, this is not going to get any better.