A new section of the Corinth-Tripoli national highway in the Peloponnese opened last week and is expected to reduce the 12.5-kilometer journey for motorists by at least 10 minutes, though toll fees are scheduled to increase next week.

It remained unclear what the toll charges would be at the new tollgates at the junction for Asea, a village in the prefecture of Arcadia.

More sections of the highway are to open in the region in coming months.

A 5-kilometre stretch between Tripoli and Kalamata is due to open next month.

Another 12-kilometre section between Paradeisia and Tsakonas is to open by April 2011.

Last month, Kathimerini learned that authorities are planning to set up four new toll stations on the northern outskirts of Athens over the next few months.

Motorists have staged a series of protests at tollgates at Afidnes, Metamorphosi and Elefsina in opposition to rising toll charges