Three Greek Australian University students will tutor secondary school students preparing for VCE as part of Melbourne University’s upcoming Summer School program.

As part of the MU Student Union Ltd. VCE Summer School program, running from January 10 until January 21, 2011, Katholiky Mougios, Zoe Papageorgiou and Anna Eleftheriadis will be among around 100 volunteers from universities across Victoria tutoring students to help them achieve their best results in VCE.

Third year Science Student, Katholiky Mougios, who obtained a perfect 50 in Year 12 Greek, will coordinate Modern Greek language and tutoring as part of the program.

“VCE is one big competition, so the more you can do to set yourself apart, the better,” Ms Mougios said. “When I was studying Modern Greek in Year 12 I prepared really well for my exams, I got material from the University of Thessaloniki, and I just did more preparation than most students would do,” she said.

Modern Greek remains underrepresented as a VCE subject, Ms Mougios said.

“Students are avoiding it, it’s not a popular subject and Greek school doesn’t have the best reputation. But I know how to nail the exam, and I can give students the best resources on how to succeed in VCE Greek,” she said.

“I got a higher score in Modern Greek than students fresh from Greece. It’s not what you know, it’s how you prepare, how you time yourself, and knowing what the examiners want to see”.

Students tutoring fellow students is highly advantageous in VCE preparation, according to Zoe Papageorgiou, a first year Arts/Law student at Monash University, who will tutor English Literature as part of the upcoming program.

“Being taught by someone’s who been through VCE recently and having them tell you it’s achievable really makes a difference,” Ms Papageorgiou said. “With teachers from school there’s not that student perspective, and having another student tell you it’s possible to achieve the high marks makes it more attainable,” she said.

Ms Papageorgiou, who participated in many VCE preparation programs when she was completing Year 12, said she found them invaluable.

“I’m involved now in order to pass on my experience so that students can understand it is possible to achieve the high marks,” she said. “The Summer school program is a really good head start and great for getting into that mindset for Year 12”.

Enrolments for the Summer School day program close December 3, while enrolments for the residential program, which caters for students living outside the Melbourne metropolitan region, close November 26.

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