With all the hype of Alkaios and Dalaras this year, some of you might be surprised to hear some news about our long-lost pop favourite, Thanos Petrelis.
It sure has been a while since Petrelis was in our limelight, but this is definitely not the case for lucky Greek audiences in La La Land.

Petrelis played a one-show-only event in Los Angeles on November 24 at the Carson Center Ballroom.

It was the second time the star had visited Tinsel town, the first being in 2009. Petrelis played all of his latest hits from Greece, and had the party rocking until the wee hours of Thanksgiving the following day.

Thanos Petrelis experienced an intense affair with music for many years prior to 2002 when he debuted as a housemate on the feted Greek talent show, Fame Story.

The Big Brother come Greek Idol program boosted Petrelis to laika stardom despite him winning only third place in the competition. Petrelis became a regular in live appearances across Greece with fellow Fame Story contestants before teaming up with some of Greece’s most popular singers.

Since unveiling his true spirit, ambition and capabilities as an authentic laika artist, Petrelis has released five albums in collaboration with Phoivos, Greece’s most successful modern day song writer and producer; including one live record and a greatest hits album too. From his first album Eihe To Hroma T’Ouranou in 2004, Petrelis released the definitive single of his career, To Aima Mou, which was certified gold after selling more than 30,000 copies.

The follow up album to his first solo success was Thymizeis Kati Apo Ellada, which went platinum and secured Thanos Petrelis as one of the biggest names in Greek laika music today.

His next triumph was the widely acclaimed single entitled, Eftihos. In 2007, Petrelis was given the opportunity to showcase his vocal range through further collaboration with Phoivos in producing Eimai Akomi Eleftheros.

He embarked on a world tour to the United States, South Africa and Australia to promote the record. Petrelis’ fourth studio album Eimai Akomi Eleftheros has also been ceritified gold and includes the summer anthems Lathos and Adiorthoti with Elli Kokkinou.

Petrelis last toured Australia in 2008 when he played five live shows to promote Eimai Akomi Eleftheros.