Speaking of our old favourites in the Greek pop star stakes, Sakis Rouvas has also been one busy little bee.

Not only has the heartthrob recently released a new hit single and film clip for Parafora, between takes of filming the third season of Greece’s X-Factor, but he has also launched his very own ready-to-wear fashion line.

“The Sakis Rouvas Collection” is a fashion brand founded by Rouvas himself and launched exclusively to Greece’s prestigious department store franchise, Sprider Store.

Rouvas is actually the first Greek music artist to pursue fashion, and so far so good. Rouvas has often been at the forefront of fashion movements in Greece, given his immense appeal to both young and old audiences.

He has coined the ‘tighty-whitey’ Euro shorts look, not to mention the 5-buttons-open shirt craze. His collection caters to both men and women, and is reasonably priced.

The singer-come-designer works with a team of professional designers and stylists, and ultimately has the final say in execution and marketing innovation. His long-term partner, Katia Zygouli, is herself a fashion model and has given some input into the female arm of the label.

Sakis aims to exhibit his own personal style and taste in his clothing brand by mixing high-end fashion with affordable pieces. The brand’s publication cites that its top priorities are: aesthetics, beauty and elegance. Making a personal statement on the label, Rouvas expressed,

“I wanted to create an entire collection that would express my aesthetics and answer to the [financial] needs of current times without making discounts in quality.

I want to give consumers a distinct perception of fashion that everyone can interpret according to their own style and persona”.

Visit www.sakisrouvas.com for more information on the clothing line and where to find Rouvas’ pieces if you are in Greece over the winter.