CEO of Vivo Cafe Group in Sydney, Angela Vithoulkas, has described her ‘evening with John Howard’ as “the single most perfect event I have ever organised or spoken at”.

Following the release of the former Prime Minister’s first book Lazarus Rising, Ms Vithoulkas held a book launch at her cafe in George St, in Sydney’s CBD, at the end of last year, where hundreds of people attended.

While guests were served canapes and drinks, Mr Howard, with a glass of wine in hand, was interviewed by Ms Vithoulkas about small business, government, banks and his own personal experiences. A media, representative for Ms Vithoulkas said there was not a disappointed face in sight as the event drew to a close.

She added, “Guests couldn’t help but congratulate Angela on an amazing interview which allowed them to see a unique side to the politician and further understand in some way what it takes to run a business like Australia.”