Liberal candidate Patrice Pandeleos, who is running in the NSW state elections for the seat of Heffron, believes it’s time for a change.

“I know I can make a difference because I understand the people of Heffron and what’s important to them,” Ms Pandeleos told Neos Kosmos.

Ms Pandeleos is campaigning on policies including reducing the cost of living, improving transport, public hospitals and schools.

“New South Wales needs better public transport and roads so people can take their children to school and get to work on time,” she said.

The Australian Labor Party continue to make life difficult for NSW residents, Ms Pandeleos said.

“Singles and families are stuck on over-crowded public transport or in traffic jams due to the failure of the Labor government,” she said. “Everybody is working harder and longer hours to try to pay their bills, but Labor is just making it more difficult for them. Electricity and water prices are still going up.”

Ms Pandeleos, who is also a passionate advocate for the welfare of animals and the environment, said the Liberal party will improve infrastructure by investing in major projects and establishing infrastructure to ensure it is delivered in the areas of most need, on budget and on time.

“No more bungled projects and wasted millions of dollars that NSW can ill afford,” she said.

Literacy and numeracy education will be supported with 900 new teachers under a Liberal government, while hospitals will be better managed at a local level with more nurses and reductions in waiting times, Ms Pandeleos said.

“Importantly, our community will have a say over the future of our local area,” she said.

“As the Liberal Member for Heffron, I will be a real advocate for residents. The electorate wouldn’t be taken for granted. After 15 years of Labor, we need real change.”