How can the Australian Football League (AFL) curtail wayward players when player Managers’ like Ricky Nixon are allowed to manage, control and represent footballers at the highest level.

The old statement that the fish stinks form the head first, is so appropriate when it comes to the latest tawdry scandal to hit the League – Enough said!

In an unrelated incident, Brendan Fevola was sacked from the Brisbane Lions for conduct unbecoming. It is claimed he was ‘intoxicated’ during the recent team vacation in China.

This is a lame excuse because one has to ask the question, how many officials and other players become intoxicated on team trips, like the Western Bulldogs drunken antics and still keep their jobs.

The AFL is always advocating assistance to players in trouble, asking those in a pickle to confide in their clubs’ and seek rehabilitation.

Brendan Fevola had the guts to do that and was dismised in return. Th

e fact that he was fired for a misdemeanor was bad enough, but Brisbane procrastinated on their decision for a long time, making sure that the player had no option but to sit the season out.

If the Lions were genuine, they would of got rid of him before the draft process, thus giving Brendan an opportunity to go to another club.

If that is the treatment in store for players with closet social issues, they will think twice before ‘fessing up’ to their club, ultimately creating more problems than solutions for the AFL.

Friday week ago, 7’s ‘live’ AFL coverage commenced at 8.35pm and the game at around 8.50pm.

The 7 Network’s delayed telecast of the shortened pre-season matches was more befitting a replay, the first game having been won in real time even before the ball was bounced on TV!

With internet streaming and instantaneous access of sports results, Channel 7 treated viewers with contempt by calling it a ‘live ‘ telecast.

If 7 thinks its viewing market lies with ‘bitter gnomes and bezerk backyards’ then don’t pretend you are a ‘live’ football station – No wonder Foxtel pay TV is thriving.

In the next round of media rights contracts, the League should ensure the live telecast of all AFL games, no matter where or when!