Pauline Hanson will need support from one of the major parties to gain a seat in the upcoming New South Wales election but both Labor and the Coalition have said they will not support Ms Hanson.

Opposition leader Barry O’Farrel was not available for comment, but Neos Kosmos was informed from within the Liberal party that the Coalition will not be giving any preferences to the ALP or to Ms Hanson. A Coalition spokesperson emphasised to Neos Kosmos its position, “just vote one vote for your Liberal Party member or National Party member.”

New South Wales Premier Kristina Keneally told Fairfax Radio that the “New South Wales Labor party will have no preferences for Ms Hanson.”

The fear is that with Ms Hanson’s comeback into politics – after so many unsuccessful attempts – the race debate may rear its ugly head in this election. Liberal candidate Patrice Pandeleos told Neos Kosmos that although she’s not a fan of Ms Hanson, or her policies, she thinks that “the voters are smart enough to do the right thing come the election.” “I think Australia is a very fair society. You always get people who are a little bit more controversial and I think people are too smart to be bogged down by those who are just out for a bit of publicity.”

Ms Keneally said that the “NSW Labor Party condemn the sorts of racist and discriminatory policies which come from Ms Hanson and parties like One Nation.” Most political analysts are predicting a landslide win for the Liberal and Ms Keneally has acknowledged this but also painted a gloomy picture of life under a coalition government in New South Wales. Ms Keneally told Sydney Morning Herald to “look after each other. Take care of your neighbour, because there will be fewer police to do that for you. Take care of the old, the sick and the vulnerable because when the health budget is cut there will be fewer nurses and there will be fewer community care workers.”

But the Coalition doesn’t seem to be phased by these accusations, or of Ms Hanson’s comeback. They will spend the next fortnight working towards ending the 16 year run of the ALP in New South Wales government.