Legendary Greek singer Haris Alexiou will be touring Australia in 2011.

Alexiou first came on the scene in Greece in the early 1970s and has since then dominated the charts and is now one of the most popular female singers.

She has worked with the most influential Greek singers and composers. With over 30 recorded albums, Alexiou has toured all over the world, from Russia to Japan, to show the world her love of Greek song.

She is of the belief that through Greek song – through songwriters, poets and composers – you can better understand the history and culture of Greece and through her music and live performance, she strives to show this to the world. And she will show this to Australia in November.

Alexiou will be playing three shows only in Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide. Tickets go on sale in April. More information to follow on www.gogosentertainment.com