The combination of the nonsensical with the trivial and plain observations make this show a stand out. European Man’s delivery of gags is second-to-none with the punch lines coming at you as obvious as the light of day.

From the minute European Man gets on stage you can’t help but grin and as he starts off his show with his dad like jokes mixed with his childlike fascination and observations, the grin just gets wider and wider. Before you know it, you are laughing uncontrollably to to grown man acting out what it’s like to eat potato chips in space.

European Man is definitely back with more gags and more puns and more laughs and more European Man than ever. His tank is well and truly full of gas. The only question is, is he or isn’t he getting it on with Sally Carmichael, you will just have to go along to find out.

Catch European Man 2 at Three Degrees, QV, at 7.15 pm till April 9. For more information visit