With enrolments exceeding 150 participants, the Greek History and Culture Seminar series continues to attract interest from new students and has proven, in its first weeks, to be an outstanding success.

The Greek History and Culture Seminar series, presented by the Greek Orthodox Community of Melbourne & Victoria and La Trobe University, has provided a rare opportunity for Greek Australians to learn more of their heritage, and particularly in this first part of the series, ‘Antiquity, Classical Greece & Hellenistic Period’.

After a two week break over the Easter period, the seminar series will recommence on Thursday the May 5 with Thomas Iliopoulos lecture on ‘How the Greek language influenced the English Language’ and Tassos Stathopoulos ‘The Ecumenical dimension of Hellenism from the 4thcentury BC and beyond’.

Additionally, to conclude part one of the series a further lecture has been scheduled for Thursday May 12 with Dr Kostas Vitkos presenting ‘State and local institutions in Macedonia during the reign of the last two Antigonides (221 – 168 BCE)’. Part two of the seminar series will commence on Thursday May 26 at the Greek Community Centre with a lecture titled ‘Greece under the Roman Empire’.

If you would like to participate you can contact the GOCMV on 9662 2722