Trying a new trend can be tricky and, unless you can figure out how to style a look properly, you can often end up disappointed.

Before you try a new trend, be honest with yourself and really think about what does and doesn’t work for your body. Sometimes, you just have to be realistic and say, “no, those high-waisted, pale blue skinny jeans are not doing you any favours”.

And while trends are fun, it’s more important to dress for your body type and personality rather than worrying about what’s in fashion – that way you know you’ll always look good.

The number one tip for trying a new trend is confidence. Confidence makes you look better in everything and will help you rock any new look. Here are some tips on trying this seasons trickiest trends.

Winter shorts
Shorts in winter? Trust me, when you find a good pair of winter shorts, they will be your best friend. Pair them with tights and boots and you can still show some leg whilst staying toasty warm. Look for fabrics like tweed and corduroy. At his recent show, Tommy Hilfiger did some very nice tweed shorts matched with a sky high ankle boots and cosy jumpers that looked magnificent.

Doesn’t sound too hard does it? But I’m not talking about leather jackets people, I’m talking about leather skirts, pants and dresses. In my opinion, unless you have the body of Heidi Klum, I’d generally stay away from the leather pants. However, leather skirts and dresses are a bit easier to tackle. A key look this season is a mid-length leather skirt, it’s an easy way to inject some sexiness into your everyday look. The length stops just below the knee, so it’s best worn with heels or ankle boots.

Cable-knit jumpers
Not super tricky, but it can be tough to pick a jumper that doesn’t look too bulky and awkward. Cable knit jumpers are easy to wear and can be layered over dresses and skirts, worn with other knits, and paired with leggings and boots. Wear one with a belt for a more sophisticated look.

Brocade is a full on fabric that brings to mind opulence, and a mixture of rock and roll and opera. To pull off a look featuring brocade, the idea is to keep the silhouette streamlined and simple. The brocade is a luxurious and intense fabric, so break it up with different fabrics and textures like leather, suede and silk. Chunky boots will add a bit of contrast too.

The cape
Sleeves are out and capes are in, and they’re really quite cute. They can add bulk though, so make sure you pick a slim cut that allows enough room for a jumper but won’t swamp your frame and make you look heavy. Avoid extra bulk by keeping the rest of your outfit simple and streamlined. Structured capes need to fit perfectly on the shoulders otherwise you will look hunched.

Faux fur
It’s not that tricky to throw on a fur vest or jacket, but if you’re like me, perhaps you get stuck wearing your fur with the same outfit all the time. Be adventurous and try your fur with some other pieces from your wardrobe. For instance, pair your fur vest with a lady-like blouse to give it a more casual feel. Or give a winter dress a bohemian touch by pairing it with your favourite fur vest or jacket and some chunky accessories. Or if you really want to play with texture and fabrics, match your free-flowing fur with a structured leather skirt or dress.

Pleated maxi skirt
Long pleated skirts obviously aren’t for everyone, but when done correctly can make for a very sophisticated and interesting look. The pleats give lots of movement and have a kind of grown up quality. A black pleated maxi skirt can be teamed with a white shirt for a crisp professional look, or go out there and try a shade of mustard or olive. Teamed with some chunky heels, it’s definitely a leg-lengthening look.

Cargo pants
I honestly didn’t think these would ever make a comeback, but alas, the cargo pant is back. Yes, it’s done with a little more sophistication than before, but it’s still a cargo pant. If you’re going to go there, beware – with all those pockets going on, cargos can easily add bulk to your frame. To combat this problem, chose a pair in a stretchy fabric with strategically placed, flat pockets and wear with heels to give your legs more length.