Facebook, twitter, linkedin, blogs, iphones, emails – where does it end? It seems today that you can’t hide anywhere without social media and the internet taking over your life. And you can’t beat them. With the rapid rate of Apple products believe me, you can’t beat them. All that’s left is to join them.

Hariklia Heristanidis joined them, even though she is a lover of the pen and paper. “Sure a laptop is portable,” she said, “but a notebook and a pencil means you wont run out of battery life, or you won’t loose your internet connection.”

Hariklia entered the rank of bloggers on a spur of the moment decision. It was while vacuuming she realised she needed a concept for her blog, a unique idea to set her apart from all the other blogs in the blogosphere. “I remembered I had all of these diaries that I had been keeping for years and I thought of the idea of posting a blog entry every day from one of my diaries from any year from the last 40 years,” she said.

Her diary writing began when she was ten-years-old. Her auntie Alexandra in Greece gave her a diary to record her trip with her family. She has been keeping diaries ever since. “It’s been fun revisiting the me I used to be and how I’ve changed,” said Hariklia about the posts. With Hariklia’s blog, What She Said, she posts entries from one of the diaries she has kept, that was written on the same day – date and month – from when she posts on her blog from any year between 1970 to the present. “My husband said with old entries, you should do a modern day entry and show what you are doing now. I’ve found that those are quite popular like the one on typography, even the post about crockery too as I quite like it.”

Going back to your 20s is never easy but in Hariklia’s case she needs to suffer for her art. “I have edited some entries a little bit because some of the stuff is just excrutiating, either embarrassing or just mean. When I wrote these entries I didn’t think anyone would read them and when you are younger you can be a bit mean about people,” she said. “I have put up some stuff that I am a bit cringey about but I think you know that was 25 years ago and I was a different person in a way.”

People relate to this blog either in the way of that’s what they were doing or they look at the entries to compare what she did with their own lives. “A lot of people use it as a point of reference for other peoples lives, it reminds them of when they were falling in love or when they went travelling.” Defined now as a blogger, Hariklia is quick to right this point.

She is a creative writer, a mother, a wife, a person with whom when you speak to you can hear the smile in her voice. She is exciting and enigmatic – that’s why she makes an excellent blogger. Blogs are intended to be personal, from one’s point of view and can either be taken with a grain of salt or can be interactive in an immediate fashion. You can comment on a blog, you can interact with the blogger, or you can create your own. In the grand old blogosphere – the world is your oyster, or wordpress.

Read Hariklia’s blog – http://hariklia-what-she-said.blogspot.com/