What can’t you get from the internet these days? You can buy your groceries online, pay your bills, book your next holiday, find a job, do your banking, basically, you can organise your whole life. In today’s busy world, where we are working longer hours than ever before and we do all our socialising online, why not use it as a place to find love? Could online dating be the new proxy? The fear of rejection and not knowing what to wear on dates can often leave you on the verge of having a mental breakdown; however online dating can help you put the fun back into finding love. Online dating is a convenient and easy way for singles to find love and relationships and all you will need is an internet connection.

“Online dating is another way for people to meet other single people and is complementary to conventional dating,” Melanie Dudgeon RSVP spokesperson told Neos Kosmos. “Some of the key benefits for people using RSVP include ease of search, convenience of internet access and the ability to be very selective when searching for the potential dates. Importantly, online dating also offers members privacy and the security of getting to know someone before meeting face-to-face. This is particularly useful for women by placing control in their hands,” said Dudgeon.

More than one in five Australians have used online dating. The ability to search for people and their interests means you can find Greek Australians on various dating sites who are into the same things as you, be it religious beliefs, Greek music, or Greek holiday destinations. In fact, there are dating sites that are exclusively Greek and a plethora of forums to chat with people with similar interests and hobbies.

Online dating is appealing for a number of reasons depending on one’s individual circumstances and life stage. Over the last couple of years, online dating has become increasingly popular as more Australians become more comfortable using the web for personal communication. It doesn’t replace traditional dating but allows members to cast a wider net when looking for potential partners. “Online dating allows people to set up a profile with information about themselves and what they are looking for. Members can then search RSVP’s 1.8 million members and make contact with other singles they are interested in communicating with,” Dudgeon said.

The beauty of online dating is you can have a bad hair day and still email and flirt with a potential partner. You don’t need to worry about buying five different outfits for the first couple of dates as most are done online. Avoiding fruitless and time-consuming single haunts to find your perfect match. No more loud nightclubs, singles bars, speed dating, church social and boring parties. And no more getting set-up by your partnered friends with someone from their work or their hairdresser. Now you can sit back and enjoy a dinner party at their house without the awkward set-up. To get you started, most online sites allow you to take compatibility quizzes to help you find your perfect match. Online dating not only allows you to find who you’re looking for quickly and painlessly, but is much more affordable than ordinary dating. On your first date you probably go out and buy a new outfit, get your nails or hair done and buy some new shoes and before you know it you’ve spent a month’s pay check. Because it’s non-confrontational online dating makes it easier for you to communicate as you don’t have to worry about stuttering, how your hair looks or embarrassing yourself.

The best thing about online dating is the fear of rejection has totally been taken out of the equation. “Rejection isn’t as embarrassing [online] as having to reject someone or be rejected face-to-face. Rejection through chat or e-mail, or even by simply ignoring the person who isn’t very interesting, or being ignored by someone you expressed interest in makes it cut and dry,” online dating website, thetruthaboutonlinedating.com said. And it’s safe. The sites have privacy and security settings to ensure that you can use them and stay safe. These include password protection devices and confidentiality systems.

Online dating agency match.com said safety measures for online dating include “safety of anonymity, the avoidance of unwanted contact, and do-it-yourself screening”. The website tracks complaints, monitors member’s behaviour, and “deals swiftly with offenders”. What’s more, “there are no social classes or race or ethnicity prejudice in cyberspace,” thetruthaboutonlinedating.com said. Dungeon said getting started is easy, with the first step being to set up a profile. Once members have an active profile on RSVP, she says, they “can then safely and securely contact other members through the RSVP website”.

With membership split evenly between males and females, online dating could be the perfect forum to find your new partner. So what are you waiting for? Create that all important profile and google search your way to true love.