While you may think that on your wedding day all eyes will be on the bride, this is by no means an excuse for you to become lax in your choice of wedding attire. Obviously the bride has a big say in what the groom will wear, but there’s no harm in knowing your stuff and maybe even impressing your future bride with your knowledge of men’s formal wear. When it comes to choosing your formal wear, you will generally be guided by the dress code of your wedding. If it’s a formal affair, you will have to get fully suited and booted

, if it’s a more casual event, you can probably get away with no tie. The number one rule when it comes to men’s formal wear is this: you want to be able to look back at your wedding photos and not cringe. Your look should be timeless and elegant; a wedding suit isn’t about looking seriously fashionable, it’s about looking seriously good. When that beautiful woman walks down the aisle towards you, you want her to be proud of you and overcome by your manly good looks; you don’t want her to be wondering why you chose to wear your school shoes or your grandfather’s dinner jacket. So what are your options?

Classic dinner suit

A two or three piece suit with a white shirt and satin lapels oozes classic style. And it’s about the only time you will get to wear a tuxedo. Dinner shirts are important as they are classic and photograph well. All shirts must be double-cuffed, with cufflinks, even when worn under a jacket. Choose a (white) bow tie for a traditional look.

New romantic

This is a dinner suit with a twist. Keep the satin lapels but get interesting by incorporating some vibrant colours (via ties or boutonnieres) and textures. Show your individuality and incorporate some modern elements such as a skinny black tie, a cravat or a non-pleated shirt. These days you can even get a three-button jacket, which is a bit more ‘now’.

Casual elegance

A personal favourite and popular at beach weddings, this option lets you channel a bit of James Bond on holiday. Choose a tailored linen suit in camel or white linen (stick to light colours and fabrics) and team with a crisp, open-necked white shirt. For a bit of cruise ship style, try a pair of light coloured pants teamed with a navy blazer.


Find a store that knows what they’re doing. The staff should be knowledgeable about suits and fitting and you should be able to trust the salesperson. Proper fit and tailoring is essential. You don’t have to spend thousands on a suit; even a less expensive suit will look pricey if the fit is perfect. (This should happen if you follow rule #1) Choose quality fabrics. Do not be tempted by the cheaper fabrics, you don’t want to be sweating it out in a nasty, shiny synthetic suit on your wedding day. Look for fabrics that are soft and drape well, you may have to fork out a little more, but it will be worth it.