In a time when strippers are so passe and let’s face it, uncouth, bridesmaids all over the world are looking for alternatives to a night of drinking out of bowls and embarrassing their best friend on their last night as a single woman.

Neos Kosmos put together some ideas to keep you ladies away from hot pink veils and willy straws and to help you find a classier way to kiss your single days good-bye

A cooking class

It’s a bit of shame to spend your last day of singledom in the kitchen because let’s face it, once that ring’s on, you will spend 75 per cent of wedded bliss there. But a cooking class is a great way to have a laugh with your friends, bond over creating something together and reap the rewards of your culinary skills.

A day spa

A bit on the pricey side so may only be limited to a few friends, a day spa is a great way to get out of the hustle and bustle of city life and just chill out before the big day. Look at getting hot stone massages, facials, get the works – just sit back and relax and let your money do the talking.

Movie screening

So many venues these days have a private room you can hire to screen movies, so get a copy of the bride’s all-time favourite movie and get it on the big screen. Roller disco: Relive your youth by dressing up in your favourite 80’s clothes and literally get your skates on down at the roller skating rink. Prizes for the girl who dared to wear the hot pants, or the silver tights with neon yellow leg -warmers. Get the crimpers out!

Go karting

Go karting is predominately a bucks night thing but who says girls can’t have it all? Considering you’re there most of the day, the price is well worth it. Make sure you’re in jeans and your hair is up and don’t be precious about getting dirty people – get suited up and get racing!

Games night

A frugal hen’s party alternative, pick the bridesmaid who has the largest lounge room and get a stack of games set up. We are talking Connect 4, Guess Who?, Twister, Operation, Trouble – all the classics.

High tea

This is a great alternative if you have to invite the parents of the bride and groom along. No one wants to see your mum after she’s had one too many (neither do you) so this is a great way to have a civilized hen’s party without the drunken stigma attached. It’s also a great way to try something different and dress up like a lady. You will need a hat and gloves to do high tea so go all out.