Where your wedding will take place depends entirely on your budget and guest list. You can’t have a backyard bonanza wedding and invite 400 guests, in the same way you can’t hire out Adelaide Town Hall banquet room and only invite 25 closest family and friends.

Before you even look at what venue you want, you really need to understand what type of wedding you want and what will fit your budget. Do you want an outdoor wedding, do you want an opulent reception centre, do you want a small intimate affair, would you like to get married on a winery on a gorgeous spring day, do you want a casual wedding or do you want to be on your own private island somewhere in the South Pacific?

Deciding on a venue for your wedding is something that you need to consider with your partner as you want to get what you have always dreamed of, after all, this is your special day. A reception centre is one of the options you might choose as they pretty much take care of everything for you – the venue, catering, drinks, staff and music. “Location, service and of course the actual venue itself” Garry Ghattas, director, Aurora Reception Centre, said are the three most important things when choosing a reception centre.

Having worked in the wedding industry for over 20 years, serviced generations of families at his reception centres, to say he’s seen it all when it comes to a bride and groom’s request is an understatement. One couple entered the reception centre on a horse, due to a regional Greek tradition. Another entered on a motorbike, more to do with being petrol-heads than tradition.

“We talk about their budget, what they can afford, then we can take them through the different venues. We see what we can do to help them,” said Ghattas. One way is that most reception centres offer different sized rooms for the occasion to fit your budget and guest list. And the beauty of a reception centre is you have your very own wedding planner to help you. Ghattas said he is often asked to help organise a multilingual DJ, find the perfect cake, photographers and hire the limousines. So, where the party is at is entirely up to you!