Plastic accessories have been around for a while, but their presence continues to grow. Once the accessory of choice for young girls and ‘tweens’, they’re now a completely acceptable adult ornament, adding a burst of fun, colour and whimsy to any ensemble.

Not to mention the fact that this kind of jewellery is totally no maintenance, there are no special polishing cloths or products, it’s carefree no-frills thrills all the way.

Always on the look-out for Greek designers, Neos Kosmos has stumbled across a diamond in the rough, if you will, in artisan designer Annie Markantonatou.

Markantonatou, who lives in Amalias, Ilia, Greece will make jewellery to order and also has a wide array of pieces available at Etsy. The collection combines childhood innocence with sophisticated fun. Peruse her Facebook page (Anmark’s design), or blog ( for plenty of inexpensive, unique designs.