Now that we’ve rung in the new year it’s time to address the important question of what we will be wearing in 2012. International runways and fashion shows for this year’s major collections show a resurgence of ’50s and ’60s style, a welcome return to sexy femininity, blasts of colour and dramatic structuring.

With his new Spring/Summer 2012 collection Boy on a dolphin, inspired by the 1957 movie of the same name – filmed at Hydra island – Greek designer Vassilios Kostetsos says 2012 is all about “new forms, new ideas and new colours.” In his upcoming collection, the designer is set to make a splash with a mass of blues, contrasting a dynamic shade of blue inspired by the Aegean sea with a “peaceful turquoise” reflecting the Ionian sea. In fact most of this line centres around a colour scheme inspired by the depths of the seas around Greece.

Speaking to Neos Kosmos, Kostetsos said he was excited for bright new summer colours, certain to “make women beautiful.” In his Spring/Summer 2012 womenswear collection, Kostetsos features a plethora of dramatic sleeves with highly structured shoulders juxtaposed with body contouring, figure hugging bodices. Fresh blue and nautical white are contrasted against offbeat metallics in copper and olive, while sexy embroidered black lace and monochromatic dresses in blushes of nude lend a highly sensual look.

Body suits and contouring dresses in pristine white signal the effortless, cool, beachy, island tone that is the designer’s signature. A modern take on the draping Grecian one shoulder look features prominently in the designer’s Spring/Summer 2012 dresses while high collars and cinched waists echo early ’60s elegance. Full short skirts in tulle and ruched sleeves hint at a playful, fun style that is bound to emerge in the coming seasons.

Kostetsos’ 2012 menswear collection is very nautical and European with lots of chic blazers, neck ties and crisp linen shorts. Navy and white are the dominant colours here with some dashes of bold colour peppering the overall look. When asked which trends he was happy to see make a comeback this year, Kostetsos responded with: “1960s high heels for women and no more platforms.”

Oxford shoes for women will also be exploding onto the fashion scene as a welcome addition to women’s wardrobes, Kostetsos says. Fashionistas can also expect a resurgence of uber-feminine long, transparent, embroidered dresses.

The Greek designer says next season’s must-haves include jersey bodysuits, navy coats, scarves and Oxford shoes. In terms of what we can expect to see a lot more of on international runways, Kostetsos says innovation and creativity are both at the forefront, offering solace from the herd mentality of high street fashion.

“I expect a lot more fantasy and new ideas (and) more couturier because we are designers and not mass production companies.”