Nick Riewoldt has told the media that he would like to keep going as captain of St Kilda and would only step down from the job if it was the right decision for the club.

New coach Scott Watters says the club won’t announce it’s decision on who will captain the squad for the coming season until just before the NAB Cup next month.

“It’s a position I have the utmost respect for and one that I held with a lot of pride for a period of time,” said Riewoldt.

“I fully support the process that the club’s going through … everyone’s got the opportunity to grow and develop and show their leadership wares.

“Whatever comes out of it I’ll support 100 per cent; if that’s me as captain again I’ll cherish the job and it’s something I’ll do with a lot of pride.”

In 2011, the 29-year-old had a difficult season battling a knee injury and poor form and said he was finally pain-free and had some good strength in the joint.