Every outfit should start with beautiful underwear, according to lingerie designer Gaby Adamidis. The Melburnian is a firm believer that quality underwear forms the foundation for your outerwear and can completely transform the way you feel.

“I like to base my outfits around my underwear, and keep everything matching,” Gaby says. “It can make such a difference to your day and your mood just knowing you are wearing something nice underneath your nice clothes. There are obviously certain things that are more suited to special occasion, but there is no reason why your everyday underwear can’t be beautiful too”. In preparing for her next big range, the sets in Gaby’s current collection from her line Hopeless Lingerie follow the seams of previous collections, which are distinctively vintage-inspired, summoning the style of 60s silver screen sirens and movie-star femme fatales.

“My mind is constantly buzzing and looking for ways to improve my designs and ideas, and between working on big ranges I like to refine what I’ve done,” Gaby says. When she’s not drawing inspiration from vintage fashion, classic movies, music and fine art (particularly the movements between 1900 and 1960), Gaby finds ideas everywhere, sometimes when she least expects it, which is why she can always be seen toting a sketch-book everywhere she goes. “I like to constantly make new things to keep challenging myself and keep the brand evolving,” she says.

A far cry from most of the lingerie labels on the market today, Gaby’s collections are all designed and then hand-sewn by the designer personally. The designer works with natural fibres as much as possible, usually light-weight fabrics from silk, bamboo jersey, modal jersey to chiffon, mixed with a blend of spandex, lycra and a little polyester to allow some stretch to ensure comfort and durability.

Hopeless Lingerie is made to order, another rarity in the modern-day fashion industry. Gaby is adamant that artisan designers bring something unique to the table that major brands cannot compete with. “What I offer is something they cannot – personal service, custom fittings and the guarantee that your garment has been made with love by someone who is passionate about what they do,” she says.

“I have enough customers to keep me working into the night and most weekends, so I definitely know there are lots of people who will still invest in quality.” The range is very mix-and-match, a true reflection of the designer’s own personal style. “I am quite eclectic by nature and think it is more fun to put your own looks together depending on what mood you are in,” Gaby says. In the same way as outerwear, different styles of lingerie will suit certain body types more than others, however, Gaby believes it all comes down to confidence.

“There is also a big difference between functional lingerie to wear beneath your clothes and get through the day (you don’t want to be constantly adjusting things) – and lingerie you might wear for your partner or just in the bedroom,” she says. “I think in the latter case you have a lot more freedom to be creative, and show off parts of your body that you don’t in the day time – so rather than just flattering your figure you are thinking more about accentuating and highlighting your assets. And of course having some fun”. And fun is what this label is all about, the designer insists. “The Hopeless Lingerie girl is smart and confident, and usually likes to run against the grain. She likes to be unique and have fun with her fashion.”

For more information on Gaby’s range, visit hopelesslingerie.bigcartel.com/