The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) quashed rumours about “pending recognition” of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia by the Gillard Government by its constitutional name.
Reputable sources told Neos Kosmos that members of Australia’s major political parties are embroiled in a vote hunting campaign which threatens to rekindle tensions between the Greek community of Australia and the citizens of FYROM.

According to our sources, members of both the Labour and the Liberal party are promising Australian voters originating from FYROM the recognition of their country by Australia as “Republic of Macedonia”, if they commit their vote to their respective political parties.
The same vote hunters are promising members of the Greek community to scuttle any plan by the Federal Government to abolish its long standing policy against the recognition of FYROM by its constitutional name in exchange for their vote.

Α spokesperson for DFAT told Neos Kosmos Australia’s policy on the name issue of FYROM remains unchanged.

“We are not aware of any Government plans to recognise the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia by its constitutional name.
“Australia’s policy on the name issue is clear and remains unchanged. Australia continues to use the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia in all bilateral and multilateral dealings pending a mutually acceptable solution between governments in Skopje and Athens,” the spokesperson said.