A call for papers on the topic of Crisis, Criticism and Critique in Contemporary Greek studies is now open for the 11th Biennel Conference in December held by the Modern Greek Studies Association of Australian and New Zealand and The Department of Modern Greek Studies, University of Sydney.

The papers, which are due on April 30, are to discuss, question and examine the revaluation process that is taking place, locate its focal points and analyse its premises and consequences. Papers are expected to cover a wide area of studies, from politics, language, economy, tradition, education, social studies, literature, cinema, arts, history, cultural studies, gender studies, journalism, media and the blogosphere.
Confirmed keynote speakers at the conference are Professor Andrew Horton (University of Oklahoma) and Dr Dimitris Papanikolaou (University of Oxford).
Special sessions are planned for specific events or areas of studies, such Cyprus, the European Union and the Balkans.
A parallel session is also planned concentrating on the Legacies of Cornelius Castoriadis, organised in collaboration with the Australian Association of Cornelius Castoriadis’ Friends.

The conference will look at whether the present crisis in Greece creates the presuppositions for a new critical approach to the accepted cultural orientation, self-awareness and social culture; the profound impact of the crisis on all levels of contemporary Greek life has already generated a systematic critique of the overall structure of modern Greek state, historical consciousness and political order expressed in all forms of cultural production through literature, arts, language studies, education and journalism.

The conference is dedicated to the exploration of the new cultural paradigm that is emerging for Greek studies and wants to investigate the parameters and the coordinates of the new critical self reflection that is likely to shape Greek studies in the near future.

For more information, you can contact members of the organising committee: Professor Vrasidas Karalis on Vrasidas.Karalis@sydney.edu.au; Dr Anthony Dracopoulos on Anthony.Dracopoulos@sydney.edu.au; and Dr Panayota Nazou on Panayota.Nazou@sydney.edu.au