JAZ – a new system that can manage all the technologies used in the home – from energy, digital music and video, telecommunications and Internet services as well as alarms, was installed this week in the award winning CSIRO Australian Zero Emissions House Project in Melbourne.
The breakthrough technology is reported to reduce energy consumption by around 20 per cent, giving consumers control over lights and appliances as well as information on appliance energy use and electricity costs.

Developed by Varetika Pty Ltd Directors Jim Fakos, Vince Kennedy and Lazaros Grekos with La Trobe University, the new JAZ technology platform is set to transform energy management and communications for the home, while also addressing carbon emissions.
JAZ is likely to be one of the first systems that will allow consumers to benefit from new infrastructure networks such as Smart Grids and High Speed Broadband Networks.
Mr Fakos said Varetika chose the CSIRO led AusZEH project house in Pascoe Vale as the site for its first JAZ installation to not only showcase the extraordinary sustainability features of the technology, but to reinforce the fact the technology was invented and developed by local entrepreneurs in Melbourne’s northern suburbs.

“Understanding where we come from is important to us as we begin a worldwide rollout of the JAZ technology platform.” Mr Fakos said.

“We’re so proud of all our partners and friends who contributed and spent many a night answering our calls and listening to our hair brained ideas that the best reward was to install the first system here in Melbourne.” Mr Fakos said.
Winning global support from technology giants Microsoft Corporation, Varetika expects to see their technology installed in thousands of homes across Australia, the US, Europe and Asia by the end of 2012.

Varetika is set to become the first company in the world to give consumers such control over electricity usage while revolutionising the way broadband communications are delivered.
Mr Fakos said several global technology companies had abandoned plans to develop their own home energy management technologies this year, which left Varetika and the JAZ technology in a strong position to launch into the world market.
Professor Jack Singh, Director, Centre for Technology Infusion at the La Trobe University said that JAZ is superior to any other energy management platform currently available on the world market.

“What stands out is the fact JAZ is highly affordable, simple to install, and offers an incredible range of functionality that has not been possible before.” Professor Singh said.
“JAZ will deliver a dazzling array of new applications on a broad range of initiatives from high speed communications, daily news and energy savings schemes into every home.