The Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia has set up the website Speak up for Marriage in a bid to inform followers on the issue of same sex marriage.
The website features a function that enables the reader to send their opposition to same sex marriage by lobbying to their Federal Member of Parliament.
In a statement to the readers, Archbishop Stylianos stated “our Orthodox view is contrary, not because we have hostile feelings towards our fellow citizens, but because the proposed alteration is against the sacredness of marriage and the family”.
The church stated that they will not be silent on the issue of same sex marriage because “the proposed change in legislation will not only erode the sacredness of marriage and the family which are the foundation of society, but will also legally bind Australian citizens to accept and promote the deconstruction of the traditional form of marriage between male and female”.
They have also provided case studies of other countries where same sex marriage was legalised.
“No one should be indifferent to this issue, as there is a danger that we will be overwhelmed by the well-organized ‘same sex marriage’ lobby,” stated Archbishop Stylianos.