Diet biscuit that doesn’t taste like cardboard?
Greek dietician Dr Antigone Kouris-Blazos has developed a gourmet nutritional biscuit, after clients were fed up with no alternatives on the market.
“I was unable to recommend any biscuit because they were either too high in saturated fat, sugar, refined carbs, salt or too low in fiber,” she told Neos Kosmos.
The Greek ‘coffee and biscuit’ lifestyle has been hard to quit for her clients, so Dr Kouris-Blazos set out to develop her own cookie that would tick the nutritional boxes without compromising on taste.
A dietician and nutritional scientist, Dr Kouris-Blazos says her Skinnybik has been two years in the making.
“It took two years, because every time I tried to make it healthier the result was closer to card board,” she says.
Two Skinnybik biscuits have the same amount of fibre as one and a half slices of wholemeal bread and are also a source of vitamin E and magnesium.
Dr Kouris-Blazos believes that the cookie will substitute a breakfast favourite for a more nutritional option for those battling weight problems or watching their blood sugars.
“If you have them with a cup of milk or milky coffee or tea then the nutrient and energy profile would be similar to muesli with milk,” she says.
The success of the biscuit has brought it to supermarkets and is now available in Victoria and online for others interested.
Dr Kouris-Blazos has progressed to writing cook books for her clients with healthy recipes that keeps the taste high.
A box of 18 cookies is $12 and can be purchased in selected healthstores and supermarkets around Victoria and you can buy the cookbooks online.
For information about the cookie, the books and delivery, go to