Prospects to enhance existing cooperation and develop new areas of partnership in specialised areas were examined by the President of the Cyprus Institute, Professor Costas Papanikolas and Australia’s High Commissioner, Trevor Peacock, during a visit by the High Commissioner to the Institute. According to a statement issued by the Institute, it was ascertained that Cyprus and Australia face common challenges in various areas, with main point of reference, climate change and its repercussions on the environment. The two parties have agreed that existing cooperation between the Institute of Cyprus and Australian research and university foundations should continue and be further strengthened. The two sides believe that through closer and more effective scientific cooperation, joint action can be developed to address various issues. Peacock expressed the view that prospects for cooperation in fields such as Climate Change, Energy and Desalination are great and emphasis should be given on establishing research programmes in specific fields. He also expressed his desire to contribute to the Institute’s efforts to expand existing cooperation with universities and research centres in Australia. Papanicolas informed the High Commissioner about the Institute’s strategic development and its achievements. Particular emphasis was given on the significant achievements in the areas of Solar Energy, Desalination, Climate Change, and Computational Science, which highlight the regional nature of the Institute and establish it as a leading research institution in the Eastern Mediterranean. Reference was also made on the existing collaboration between the Cyprus Institute and Australian universities and research centers as well as on the prospects of further collaborations. The High Commissioner visited a number of research laboratories of the Institute where researchers presented some of the main research activities.