Cue Helen Kapalos’ return to our screens, but ‘which channel and when?’ are the questions on everyone’s lips.

After being wooed by global news networks and a host of Australian broadcasters since being shown the door a month ago by Channel Ten, media speculation is rife that Helen will be appointed as the new anchor of Channel Seven’s Today Tonight, or a top secret new program for the vital 6:30 pm slot.

Last week The Age reported that Kapalos met up with Seven’s former head of news and public affairs Peter Meakin and was offered the role. Meanwhile Today Tonight’s incumbent host Matt White resigned, suggesting a major makeover for the program as it tries to claw back a dwindling audience.

If speculation turns into reality, Kapalos will have a central role in relaunching Seven’s ailing current affairs program which has lost ground in popularity to Channel Nine’s A Current Affair in Melbourne and Sydney. Rumour has it that Seven will completely revamp its 6.30 pm current affairs flagship, moving it away from tabloid-style stories and putting an emphasis on more serious journalism.

Introducing local hosts is one strategy that Seven may use to increase viewer numbers in key markets like Melbourne, and it would be difficult to think of a better fit than Helen Kapalos. Meanwhile Helen has told media her sacking by Ten wasn’t sexist or spiteful, but poorly handled.

“It was done in an insensitive way,” Kapalos said. “I would have loved the opportunity to be able to thank viewers, to farewell colleagues, to properly pack up my office and belongings and wardrobe.” Kapalos’ upbeat and regularly updated website this week carried in bold type the quote “Accept no one else’s definition of your life. Define yourself.” It’s advice she’s no doubt taking as she decides her next move.