For Ekaterina and Attila Vrettes, the idea to start a wedding stationery business came when they were unable to find invitations that were interesting and creative enough for their own wedding.

Giant Invitations was founded soon afterwards on the back of their established graphic design studio, rated among the top 50 boutique creative agencies in Australia and run by the husband and wife managed team of creative professionals, with over ten years’ experience in design and print production.

“Most invitation businesses were run by home type operations with unrealistic turnaround times such as a month or longer. The designs were all very similar, and very limited in choice,” Attiia says.

“Most of the suppliers also lacked the professional design skills and print knowledge we were looking for. The cost of any type of invite that stood out from the run of die mill invites was also unrealistic – exceeding the $10 mark per invite.”

The couple decided to take things into their own hands and ended up creating their own invitations, a process that took too much time and wasn’t all that cost-effective either.

So from this Giant Invitations was born.

After five years in operation, Giant Invitations has developed over 200 unique designs, and has implemented production processes unrivalled in Australia.

While utilising the latest design trends, as well as the latest production techniques such as laser cutting, foiling, letterpress, embossing -among numerous other techniques Ekaterina and Attila vowed not to break the budgets of couples.

“We experienced first-hand how much time and money gets poured into weddings, so we didn’t want to impact their budgets by making our invites too expensive,” Attila says.

The two applied their industry experience to come up with finished products that were both glamorous but inexpensive to produce.

The business employs a print technology called thermography to emulate raised ink print, traditionally achieved by the very expensive letterpress process.

The end result has seen over 300 stunning one-of-a-kind designs, all priced from $2.50 – $6, with the fastest turnaround of up to seven working days.

“Through the dedication we have to providing couples with breathtaking invitations at the lowest costs and with fast turnarounds, we have experienced a rapid growth in the business,” Attila explains.

Giant invitations now runs from a dedicated luxury showroom in the heart of the Sydney Rd wedding precinct, employs full-time designers and invitation specialists to assist brides-to-be first-hand with top advice and customer -service.

Brides often come in, sit with designers and work together on achieving a finished product perfect for their big day.

“The new creations haven’t stopped at 300; we are constantly designing and launching new release styles in direct feedback from our brides. We are just about to launch our summer collection featuring 25 beautiful designs,” Attila says.

“Our website is fully automated and both samples and orders can be submitted online.’’