The German government’s position on Greek demands for war reparations is clear and has not changed.

Seibert had been asked about recent statements made by German President Joachim Gauck that were widely interpreted as an “opening” for the possible payment of WWII reparations to Greece.

Seibert noted that Gauck’s interview made clear that the German presidency fully shares the legal view expressed by the government on this issue and that Gauck had referred to cooperation between Greece and Germany through various initiatives and institutions in Greece.

Germany has recognised its responsibility for the victims of National Socialism, the spokesman added, and wanted to further develop its bilateral relations with Greece “in this spirit.”

The injustices of that period could not be cancelled out, he said, but “70 years after the end of the war and 35 years after Greece joined the EU, we want to look to the future together…but do not want to forget the past.”

Source: Newsbomb