Australia’s fitness queen and award-winning personal trainer Kayla Itsines has made the list of the 10 most inspirational people in South Australia for 2015.

Together with her boyfriend Tobias Pearce, the 24-year-old Greek Australian personal trainer started her journey towards fame eight years ago and has now built a fitness empire with more than 4.2 million followers on Instagram and Facebook, including models and Hollywood celebrities.

“They (Kayla and Tobias) have delivered an inspirational success story with phenomenal revenue and profit growth in a short space of time,” the judges said of the dynamic duo, whose Bikini Body Training Company also won the national prize as Australia’s emerging business of 2015 at the prestigious Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Awards.

Based in Adelaide, Kayla has transformed the bodies of thousands of women all over the globe, inspiring them to achieve the ultimate goal; a healthy lifestyle and body confidence.

Itsines launched her own training and nutrition guide #BBG (BikiniBodyGuides) after completing a personal training course at the Australian Institute of Fitness.

Shortly after, she developed a 28-minute high intensity workout targeting the whole body, and in 2015 her first e book and #sweatwithkayla application was released. It is now available in five different languages.

Within a few years, Kayla created a global community while travelling around Europe, the US and Australia, hosting boot camps and meeting her ‘followers’.

She also hosted her first international ‘virtual workout’ in the UK last January.

“We want you to be healthy, fit, strong and confident,” writes the inspirational trainer, who is particularly well-known for her before-and-after photos, in which she posts pictures that her fans have shared with her of their bikini bodies before and after completing her program.

Kayla and Tobias are conscious of their empire remaining community focused; they constantly invite all ‘followers’ to join Kayla’s community hash tagging #thekaylamovement, #sweatwithKayla and they use social media to stay close to their fans and feel their pulse.

“There’s no better feeling than hearing that one person’s life – from the hundreds of thousands we’re serving – is going to be completely different forever,” Tobias says.

In a 2014 interview with Today Tonight, Itsines said she didn’t care if her Instagram posts were helping two women or a thousand women; she just wanted to spread her health and fitness message.

“It is up to you to push yourself as much as you can without killing yourself at the gym every single day,” concludes Kayla.

Itsines is an advocate for the Mediterranean diet and admits that one of her biggest weaknesses is her grandmother’s traditional Greek cooking.

Kayla and her guides are becoming more popular by the minute, but Itsines appears to be handling fame particularly well. She still posts photos of her favorite pet dogs, her Greek family and everyday life.

One thing is certain; the sky’s the limit for the determined, entrepreneurial couple who have taken social media by storm and have managed to turn a simple concept into a phenomenal global e-commerce business.