Helen Kapalos’ documentary A Life Of Its Own: The Truth About Medical Marijuana has been scheduled a release date.

In the works since 2014, the chairperson of the Victorian Multicultural Commission took to her Facebook page to express delight over the news.

“Finally!! am proud to say my documentary, which features so many incredible Australians speaking with courage on medical marijuana, is about to be released at Palace Cinemas,” she wrote on Monday.

Directed and produced by Kapalos herself, A Life Of Its Own follows her quest to investigate the medical truths behind the life-giving and enhancing properties of marijuana.

The inspiration was planted during her time as a senior reporter on Channel 7’s Sunday Night show, when she encountered Dan Haslam, a young man from Tamworth who was shamed by having to resort to illegally sourcing medicinal marijuana to treat his terminal illness.

The documentary, which was self-funded by Kapalos with the help of an online crowdfunding campaign, chronicles Mr Haslam’s story, and although he ended up losing his battle with bowel cancer at the age of 25, his voice continues to be crucial in the fight for medical marijuana.

In her post, Kapalos highlighted that the production is also a chance for viewers to get an insight into a legal program based in Israel that conducts the largest human trials of medical marijuana in the world, demonstrating its many applications while showing the contrast to Australia’s current black market of the drug.

However, attitudes to medical cannabis are already changing, with the Victorian parliament legalising it in April.

“The documentary is one which should also be watched by doctors (of which many are featured) or those who wish to gain a true understanding of the role of medical marijuana in science and medicine,” she wrote.

“I would love to see you there.”

The world premier of A Life Of Its Own will take place in Melbourne at Palace Cinema Como on Saturday 18 June. For more information on further screenings around the country and to purchase tickets, visit www.hotdocsoz.com/films/a-life-of-its-own-the-truth-about-medical-marijuana