The European Union (EU) is cracking down on Islamic fundamentalism and extremism, by investing in police training.

According to report by Kathimerini, the a program funded by the EU will be under way in a month or so, and will seek to train 60 police officers as specialists in tracing and tracking down those with links to Islamic extremism.

Overseeing the program will be the Center for Security Studies, which under the same umbrella as the Interior Ministry, and has been given a budget of €145,000.

“We are trying to make use of any funding that is offered to us so we can be as prepared as possible to deal with a social phenomenon that is on the rise,” Dimitris Anagnostakis, general secretary of public order at the Citizens’ Protection Ministry, told Kathimerini.

Participating officers, who are expected to be fully trained by October, were chosen from both counter-terrorism and immigration departments, and Security Police.