Just in time for the Golden Globes Awards ceremony Apple released its new iPhone 7 Plus ad titled “Take Mine”.

Apple’s official ad is an ode to the phone’s portrait mode, an ode written in Greek! Even the unusual soundtrack is a rare recording from one of Greece’s first and most low-profile rembetes, Kostas Bezos, and is titled “Pame sti Honolulu”.

The story goes like this: A young girl visits her grandmother in a village in Mani, bringing home an amazing gadget, her new rose gold iPhone 7 Plus.
Soon after she arrives, she ends up taking photos of every single local, the fisherman, the priest, the barber, a musician. While the girl is taking photos, we get to admire the stunning Depth Effect double camera feature.

The locals are in awe of her “practically magic” phone and the entire village acts as if nobody there has seen a smartphone before.

Even though this is admittedly one of Apple’s most well-shot ads, channelling a proper movie, the fact that it evokes a bunch of stereotypes about Greeks has spurred many negative comments on Facebook.

Apart from Greeks across the globe taking pride in the ad promoting the picturesque Mani destinations, Oitilo and Karavostasi, many have lashed against the brand for projecting an “unrealistic” image for Greek people that “portrays them as ignorant”.

Watch the advertisement below: