South Oakleigh College is a co-educational school that prides itself on providing a strong, broad curriculum in a caring environment based on the college values of high expectations, respect, responsibility, resilience and teamwork through one motto: ‘Knowledge Conquers All’

These values underpin South Oakleigh College’s commitment to facilitating a positive, safe and secure environment where all students have the opportunity to achieve their personal best; pursue academic excellence, achieve personal growth and graduate as responsible and resourceful young adults.

The college actively promotes a culture that encourages and celebrates success in all facets of school life, values and respects individual diversity and encourages participation by all members of the community.

South Oakleigh College takes pride in its multiculturalism and the diverse nationalities represented by the student and staff body. The staff’s commitment is to meet the educational needs of all learners, recognising that students come to the school with different experiences, abilities, expectations and ambitions.

The college offers both the Modern Greek and Ancient Greek languages to students in Years 7 through to VCE. The strong Modern Greek program involves beginner classes for students learning the language for the first time, along with advanced classes for students who are native speakers or have a strong aptitude for the Modern Greek language.

“South Oakleigh College has a history of performing exceptionally well in all facets of Greek,” says Mark Picone, assistant principal.

“Our language students have achieved outstanding academic success and arts students have won several visual and performing arts competitions organised by the Greek community.
“As we strive to prepare students entering our interconnected world as adults who are confident in their interactions with others, the college acknowledges the importance of our students learning languages to support them in not only making valuable contributions to a global society, but by becoming leaders of a global society.”