Hearing is not only essential for our communication with others, but of great significance when it comes to being aware of things happening around us. Not being able to hear properly can steal away some of life’s greatest joys − however, effective hearing aids can help people experiencing mild to profound hearing loss to lead a fulfilled life.

These devices detect sounds, modulating and amplifying them to comfortable levels, which helps the wearer to hear better. They improve the ability of the wearer to understand speech by providing superior access to sounds. Interestingly, people often purchase hearing aids that then spend most of their time in a drawer.

Cris Ivanidis, director and audiologist at Active Audiology, says the process of getting the best hearing aid is going to be different for each person. Hearing loss and hearing problems vary from one individual to another, which is why the best results can be achieved only when the devices are fitted precisely by the right professionals, ensuring that the hearing aid is made to the exact measure of the patient’s ears.

“What is going to work for your friend may not work for you, and even cause discomfort. Only a proper hearing consultation is going to determine which technology and aid style is best for you,” Ivanidis says, adding that patients shouldn’t commit to a hearing aid before identifying the exact magnitude of hearing loss.

Meanwhile, the majority of first-time wearers are self conscious and often prefer the smallest size. Affordability plays a significant role in making a decision as well. The latest hearing aid models are made smaller than a 5 cent coin but come packed with leading technology that enables users to transmit their TV sound directly into their ear, connect into mobile phones and home phone for easy conversation, as well as other wireless devices.

“These days, hearing aids come in a variety of sizes, some being almost invisible when worn. However, what is most important is the technology inside them − technology that can improve your hearing to make your life easy again, or cause frustration and land your hearing aid in the drawer.
“Our technologically-advanced hearing aids are much more than mere amplifiers. They have artificial intelligence and come with a computer chip which offers superior sound experience by reducing the background noise.”

Ivanidis’ team at Active Audiology had a lot of success with the newer models at the end of 2016, providing the largest Greek-speaking audiology service in Melbourne. Their priority is to assist the Greek community in getting better outcomes for their hearing, while the clinics are government accredited to provide all services at no cost for those eligible with a pension card. They also offer custom-made hearing aids, such as customised ear plugs for musicians and swimmers, as well those that reduce any excess background noise.

“Apart from thoroughness, we also offer tailored treatment choices and ensure patient education. Right from adult hearing tests to children’s assessment, we will conduct them all.
“People come in saying they want to hear their kids and grandkids at Christmas time. The devices are so tiny that the only difference people noticed was the wearer’s new-found confidence in conversation, not that they were wearing a hearing aid.”

But it’s not only people of a certain age that Active Audiology deals with. A substantial number of their cases has to do with hearing impairments in children. Other than conducting hearing assessments for kids between the age of four to 18 years, they offer bespoke hearing assessments for kids and compile a detailed report to the parents and teachers, as children depend a lot on hearing for their overall learning as well as in developing superior communication skills.

Active Audiology is also a WorkSafe provider, offering employment and agency-specific hearing tests and assessments for aviation, the police force and many others. Should you need hearing aids they can direct you to four locations in Melbourne: Altona, Thornbury, Balwyn and Burwood East. Make an appointment by calling 1300 364 007 or head to www.activeaudilogy.com.au