An unbelievable tragedy was caught on camera around 4pm (local time) yesterday on the 83 kilometre of the Athens-Lamia National highway.

A rental Porsche, speeding at over 200km/hr is seen crashing onto a parked Honda Civic near Ipato in Thiva, leading to the death of four individuals.

The Civic driver, a 41-year-old man had legally stopped the car at a parking spot next to the emergency lane to visit the station bathroom. In the car were waiting his 33-year-old wife and three-year-old son.

The tragic father saw the Porsche crashing into his car from the toilet and run outside screaming only to find his family dead and in flames. He tried but was unable to help them and despite being in shock he called the police and fire brigade. He can been seen rushing out of the toilet in the security camera video below (graphic content).

The Porsche driver died in the explosion while his 24-year-old friend and co-passenger who was not wearing a seat belt was ejected several metres away from the car crash through the window.

“It’s horrific. The family was waiting in the parking. They weren’t even on the emergency lane,” a driver passing through told the local news agency, LamiaReport.

The Porsche was driven by George Vakakis, son of Greece’s biggest toy industry tycoon Apostolos Vakakis. The Vakakis family, who own JUMBO, have been the only business increasing their profit steadily during the financial crisis, thanks to Apostolos Vakakis’ dedication and pioneering ideas supporting Greek manufacturers.