It has been confirmed that the seal found dead on the coast of Marathokambos was after all Argyro the island’s mascot, that peacefully coexisted with humans for nearly four years, as local media outlet Samos24 reported.

“She was killed violently by a shotgun and sharp object. She was one of the many seals that are orphaned, her mother was also killed on the island of Samos,” Anastasia Miliou, Director of Research at the ‘Archipelagos’ Institute for Marine Protection said.

According to the Institute, Argyro was shot and the perpetrator kept shooting at her whilst she was attempting to escape back into the sea. Her body was also found to bear a would from a sharp object that pierced her right side from the back all the way through her stomach.

Argyro was one of the 450 remaining monk seals worldwide and fell under the protected species category.

The murder of the Mediterranean seal is currently under investigation by the Samos Port Authorities.