More appalling details have surfaced regarding the gruesome deaths of a 30-year-old German man and his Bulgarian partner Lilia Botuseva, 23, reported missing since 8 June 2017.

Their bodies were discovered in a rented room and a village hotel in Vlachata, Kefalonia where they were staying as tourists.

The couple had arrived in Greece in a car with fake plates that the man had rented in Germany.

According to the Greek authorities and coroner Angeliki Tsiola, the duo appear to have taken their lives during a New Year’s Eve satanic ceremony.

A time-frame of 24 hours before the first full moon of the year is often associated with satanic rituals and sacrifices.

As Mrs Tsiola mentioned in her report, the woman started to cut herself with a blade causing abundant bleeding from several fatal wounds.

Once the man saw Botuseva die, he allegedly sat in the bathtub which he had filled with water and thrust a knife through his heart.

The woman’s body had multiple scars from previous acts of self harm, possibly caused by participating in similar rituals in the past.