Strap on your goggles, because virtual reality has arrived at the Jewish Museum of Australia.

Using the latest VR technology, you can now view the Temple precinct and surrounds of Jerusalem in the early 1st century.

Thanks to Lithodomos VR, who have generously provided the museum with a perpetual licence, the Jewish Museum of Australia is the first to display this fascinating content, transporting visitors back through an ancient and holy landscape.

The VR system is a fantastic accompaniment to other unique objects on display which also illuminate this period in history.

“The virtual reality headset will offer our visitors an immersive experience of engaging with our timeline gallery, where we explore key events in Jewish history,” senior curator and collection manager Eleni Papavasileiou says.

“Visitors will be able to place themselves in the streets, buildings and Temple precinct of the Jerusalem of 2,000 years ago, whilst being surrounded by unique objects from the Jewish Museum of Australia collection.
“We are delighted to be able to incorporate new technology and allow visitors to have a fun and dynamic experience that enhances the story we tell in our galleries.”

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