New York’s Onassis Cultural Center has taken out a prestigious award for an impressive exhibition ‘A World of Emotions: Ancient Greece, 700 BC – 200 AD’.

Based on a public online vote, which commenced in January, the centre, nominated under the Best Ancient Art (BC – approx 1200) category, emerged as a clear favourite to be named the 2017 recipient of the Global Fine Art Awards (GFAA)‘s Youniversal Award at a black-tie event on Thursday.

The exhibition, on show from 9 March to 24 June, looked to explore the ideas and attitudes of people in classical antiquity toward emotion and the ways emotions were depicted as to reveal how some are strikingly familiar, and others shockingly alien.

The impressive collection featured 130 masterpieces including vase paintings, sculptures, theatrical masks, amulets, coins, and votive offerings from a range of museums around the world such as the Acropolis Museum, the National Archaeological Museum Athens, the Louvre, and the Vatican Museum, amongst others.

Also recognised as a nominee under the Best Ancient Art category was the Acropolis Museum in Athens for its ‘Portrait of Emperor Hadrian’.

The GFAA program aims to educate people around the world about art and its global messages.

“The collective voice of art, amplified by the work of our nominees and other great initiatives around the world, is so needed to continually strive for better balance in the universe,” said GFAA founder and president, Judy Holm.

To enjoy parts of the awarded exhibition online, visit