For a small town, Trikala certainly is a city that thinks big. Located in the central Greek area of Thessaly Trikala has been consistently pursuing the status of a ‘smart city’, one vested in technology and innovation that ameliorates life in the community.

Leading by example among Greek municipalities, the city council has embraced all sorts of innovation, from free wi-fi in all open spaces, to ‘e-health’ services and ‘open mall’ (putting local retailers into an online shopping network) – or even adopting the ‘easybike’ sharing model, cementing its reputation as a sustainable city.

Now Trikala has become the first city in Greece to offer 5G technology, as the council’s development branch, aptly named ‘e-trikala SA’ sign a deal with Greece’s General Secretariat of Telecommunications and Post, to introduce the cutting-edge technology to the city.

This will start with the free installation of a 5G pilot network, which for a trial four-month period will offer “Sustainable Urban Development Solutions” to the citizens – i.e. services such as smart parking, smart lighting, wireless internet access, data collection and analysis for businesses and individuals.

“The aim of the municipality of Trikala is that this program will be an effective implementation that will bring together local government and the private sector, with benefits for the everyday life of citizens”, states e-trikala, in its announcement of the project.

“Smart cities have an obligation to provide a comprehensive framework of services for citizens.”