Turkish hackers have threatened Greek nationals, claiming that if they do not heed their warning that they will be thrown “into the sea”.

Identifying themselves as ‘Akıncılar’, meaning ‘raiders’, the group hacked the official Greek web page of Japanese automaker Suzuki on Tuesday, where they posted their controversial message, written in both English and Turkish.

They reiterated the accusations that Greece is harbouring terrorists, referencing the eight Turkish servicemen who sought asylum in Greece in 2016 after the failed coup, and whose extradition Turkey continues to demand.

“How we throw the your [sic] ancestors into the sea, we will throw you and the terrorist organization FETO which you support into the sea!” read the message, referring to Fethullahçı Terör Örgütü, an alleged Gülenist terrorist group the Turkish government claim is responsible for the planning of the coup.

A screenshot of the message uploaded by Turkish hijackers to the Greek web page of Suzuki.

The threatening message was the same one that was uploaded on Monday to the state-run news agency ANA-MPA‘s website, which was also hacked by the group.

Suzuki and ANA-MPA have since taken back control of their websites.

It is expected that such attacks will continue, and may even intensify, in the lead up to the Turkish general elections on 24 June.